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Who are we?

Our mission is to cover the needs you have in the maintenance of your home and to make your life easier in general.

The list of our services is not exhaustive, as it is constantly evolving.

We have been at your service since 2007

First under the name "Domicil Home Services", then, from 2013, with Ouidoo S.A.

Employment Service

We have the authorization from the employment service to practice service rental

Collective agreements

We are affiliated to several collective labour agreements such as the cleaning, landscaping and finishing labour agreements.

Fair trade

Treating our employees fairly is a core value for us. By opting for Ouidoo, you ensure them a fair income and optimal working conditions.


We are members of the Vaud federation of entrepreneurs, the employers' centre and the committee of the Groupement Rollois des Entreprises et Commerçants.

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It all started with a simple idea: Why don't get people to do everything we need to do that we don't want to do or have no time to do ?

Antoine Domahidy, Founder

Our Team

Our greatest pride is our operational team. Here are some of them


Founder and Director

Bonzai Tailor

Boxer and portraitist


Installation and renovation service

Judge for ski jumping competition


Handy man - garden

Passionate about small animals, especially those that look like snakes.


Public relations and office reception

Lucia Maria

Dwelling Fairy

Sancocho specialist
(Dominican soup)


Human Resources & Admin

Outstanding baker

Great Walker


Dwelling Fairy



Dwelling Fairy

Book and television devourer


Dwelling Fairy


Dwelling Fairy

Super stove

Walker and amateur reader


Dwelling Fairy


Dwelling Fairy
Ana Celi

Ana Celi

Dwelling Fairy


Dwelling Fairy


Dwelling Fairy


Dwelling Fairy



Installation and renovation service

Artist painter on canvas


Dwelling Fairy




Dwelling Fairy


Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions

Household - cleaning

Do I have to take out special insurance for my domestic worker?

No! That's the advantage of going through Ouidoo. All our staff is registered and insured. You don't have to do anything.

Is it always the same person who comes to my house? What if I'm not home?

Yes, during a recurring intervention, the person assigned to your accommodation will always be the same. If he/she is ill or absent, a replacement will be proposed to you. Thanks to our personalized cleaning procedure, instructions will be given to him/her before the intervention.

How can I check that the number of hours I spend at home corresponds to the contract?

Each employee has our GPS-localized application for managing working hours on his or her phone.

What is the minimum number of hours for your interventions?

For organisational reasons and transport costs, the minimum intervention time is 2 hours.

What is the difference between a maintenance household and intensive cleaning?

Maintenance cleaning is a service, usually regular, where the employee uses the equipment available on site.

Intensive cleaning includes all equipment and professional products. This is justified for cleaning at the end of a lease, at the end of work or with difficult access.

How did you deal with the Coronavirus outbreak?

We are a company with our own employees, so we have been able to benefit from short-time working measures for our employees. Customers were thus able, if they so wished, to suspend service for the duration of the confinement at no cost and of course without any responsibility to their home fairy. For the services that were not interrupted, our employees went there with masks, gloves and hydroalcoholic lotion.

Handy man - Gardening - Work

Why do you charge a flat rate for the first hour? And what does that include?

The flat rate is calculated according to the area you are in. It includes up to one working hour and travel expenses.

Do I need to bring nails or equipment for a handy-man surgery?

No, the hourly rate includes all necessary equipment and small material.

What guarantee do I have on your floor laying services? And installation?

As an official installation service for Hornbach stores since 2009, the guarantee for our services is not only provided by Ouidoo but also by Hornbach.

Do you do electrical or plumbing work?

No, for insurance reasons we can't do that kind of work.

However, we will be able to refer you to professionals in the industry.


We are at your disposal+41 21 807 17 17

Where to find us

Passage Vuillermet 1
1180 Rolle

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+41 21 807 17 17

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday: 8 am - 5:30 pm

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Our main partnersThey trust us since 2007

Hornbach Baumarkt

We have been the installation service for the Hornbach d'Etoy and Villeneuve stores since 2009 for the installation of floor coverings, interior blinds, mosquito nets, wooden terraces and saunas.

La Poste

Visit us at post offices in the Morges - Nyon region


We are resellers of this Swiss supplier specialized in mosquito nets.


We are the installation service for interior blinds and curtain rails

Buildigo - La Mobilière SA

Find our services on the official Mobiliar platform


Partner since 2011 for our cleaning services, garden maintenance and Handy man services.


Official distributor of Indigo solutions at our premises in Rolle, France.


Mila pro partner for the installation of TV, internet and TV box, smoke and sound detector system

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